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July 05 2012


Mgt 230

Mgt230 - Developing your organizational culture should be among your top priorities for the business to grow. The foundation of your culture should be built on attainable and sustainable goals, clear vision, an authentic concern for the professional well-being of your employees, and recognition of their contributions and efforts to the success of your company.
Mgt 230
Why build a strong, positive organizational culture.
Hca270 - Employees want more than salary - most employees will tell you they want a positive work environment where they feel welcome and appreciated. They want to feel part of the vision for their employer and they want to be recognized for making a contribution. If your organizational culture is positive, and is known as such in the community, you will attract more potential employees and more than likely these employees will fit into your culture and become successful.
Employee engagement is valued - a strong positive culture is also a key element that encourages employees to get and stay involved. They are happy with what they do and are typically working at their highest levels of productivity. These engaged employees have energy, are highly motivated and their energy contributes more to the positive culture.
Hca 270 - Innovation and creativity are welcomed - a strong, positive organizational culture is known to stimulate innovation and creativity. This, in turn, can create new products or services or improve internal processes and productivity.

Mgt 230
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